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Free Femdom Dating

The other day I found this free femdom dating website that I wanted to let you guys know about. I was initially looking for femdom pics to post on my blog so I signed up for a free account and started browsing through all of the profiles. Wow, I couldn’t believe how many hot dominant women had signed up! At first I thought that these must all be pro-Dommes but, on closer inspection, I could see that most of them were in fact genuine dominant ladies looking for guys to have fun with. I couldn’t believe my luck. Seriously guys, you need to get on there asap before all the good ones go!

Girls Abuse Guys

Brand new Femdom site from producers who work in the niche for several years now and listen to their customers who constantly contribute their ideas which serve as story lines for new scenarios. There are plenty of beautiful European women whose slutty behavior makes them even more attractive, but the guys who appear with them in the shoot does not have a chance to taste their beauty as they are the ones who get used and abused. And ‘abused’ means stripped, humiliated and fucked with strap-on dildos in mouths and asses whether they like it or not…

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Femdom Cfnm

Multiple series of femdom Lady Sonia play with submissive guys in clothed female naked male scenarios also referred to as Cfnm. She teases the first guy with her pantyhosed legs by rubbing his dick with smooth surface of her lingerie and hands, then leaves him with a hard on and blue balls. And while playing with the second guy she squeezes his big cock between her tight legs wrapped in black lycra and strokes it as her own imaginable cock. The third guy gets his movements completely restrained when being wrapped in plastic which gives Lady Sonia a great opportunity to explore his painful sensations through his cock…

Femdom Cfnm Gallery

Femdom Humiliation

New series of dominant bitch from Forced Men gets in control of nude guy. See as she forces hum into the ground with her sharp high heels and then makes him masturbate for her pleasure. This submissive guy obeys commands of his clothed mistress in black stockings and cums on her order too…

Powerful chick humiliates nude guy and forces him to jerk for her fast

Femdom Art

Femdom Art is about domination of strict empowered women who enjoys control over submissive naked males. They love when guys obey them and serve every of their filthy desires. And if they not - they force them to. These women make them crawl on knees and force them masturbate to their pleasure while they watch and allow you to come only on command.

One of such women is beautiful and powerful dominatrix Lady Sonia who takes you into the world of pure Femdom Art, which has been hidden from others before and now revealed to the privileged few to enjoy.

Watch exciting scenes of Cfnm Humiliation and Femdom trainings where men get forced to do things they wish and don’t…

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Femdom Cfnm Torture

Cruel chicks from Forced Men interact with naked guys strapped to the table by hands and legs and their hard penises. They squeeze their balls and cocks, stroke them and tickle them with their nails and even suck. These girls know precisely when the guy is going to cum so they can stop him from doing so. They may leave a man with blue balls or release him from his sufferings, it is all up to their desires…

Femdom Cfnm Torture

Divine Bitches

Brand new site from producers of Men In Pain who now takes idea of the whole male submission fetish even further with the creation of Divine Bitches site. It is about cruel mistresses who receive pleasure at the expense of vulnerable men that get to endure painful punishment just because they happen to be in the wrong place. This powerful women comes out with various sadistic methods of making a man suffer. There is cocks squeezing, balls tying, ass fucking with metal pole and plenty of other action that will make you uncomfortable just from watching it while giving you high-quality material to stimulate your perverted fantasies if you are truly into…

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Created back in 2006 this Femdom site features scenes of domination on both men and women. And while many of us prefer to see men being under control there is no reason not to check out the following episodes where men while still being objects for dommes desires get forced to have sex with submissive chicks who are made to take their cocks. And how could they not? With bound hands and legs and a mouth gag it is hard to go against powerful women such as Alexa Bold, Gina Killmer, Rachel Evans and other well-known Eurobabes…

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Femdom Handjob

Don’t you just love it when a powerful lady takes situation into her own hands… literally? Below is a link to a couple of such series where dominant women masturbate naked guys bound to the chair and strapped to the table to ejaculation and then again. It is hard to say whether guys enjoy being used like that, however, cruel women having great time doing it. This is what we call The Art of Female Domination where a woman leads the scene her own way…

Femdom Handjob

Femdom Stories

If you truly enjoy Femdom there is great chance you will find cfnm niche attractive too. Cfnm stands for Clothed Females Naked Males and suggests empowered ladies or groups of them being in charge of submissive males who enjoy being in such a situation. It might not get as much extreme as original Femdom, there is no straps or whips, however, the whole concept of domination of powerful women on vulnerable men remains intact. And stories preceeding situations play great deal in it…

Femdom Stories